The Bright Mysteries: Quasars

A quasar is a celestial body with extreme luminosity and mass. The amount of energy and light it emits is so great that this amount of energy can be more than the energy emitted by all the stars in a galaxy. Quasars were previously thought to be ancient galaxies at the time when the universe was first formed.

But recent research has proven that some quasars exchange matter with nearby galaxies. This led to the notion that quasars are not ancient galaxies, but celestial bodies that can be found anywhere in the universe.

Most quasars are more than 3 billion light years away from us. Although the brightest quasar visible in the sky is 33 billion light-years away, it looks very bright, which is proof of its enormous energy.

One of the current views suggests that quasars are the other end of black holes, another celestial body that still maintains its mystery, describing quasars as "white holes". However, this "white hole" theory is entirely a science fiction hypothesis and is not taken seriously by the scientific community.

Although there is no well-established theory about quasars, it may provide striking information about the wormhole and space-time to future generations.


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